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Concrete is one of the most essential construction materials. It is used in a variety of structures including parking lots, patios, walkways, curbs, gutters, dumpster pads, parking bumpers, catch basins, walls, floors and ramps. Dalton has over 50 years of experience building, maintaining and repairing these structures.

Dump trucks and other heavy vehicles can cause severe damage to asphalt parking lots. Concrete can support heavy loads directly on it. Concrete is also used in areas such as dumpster pads or loading areas. Since concrete does not absorb water, it is used for drainage areas. It will last longer than other construction materials. Dalton Paving uses only the highest quality of cement, pure water and aggregates.

Water causes the hardening of concrete. This process is called hydration. The water must be pure to keep side reactions from occurring. The side reactions may weaken the concrete and interfere with the hydration process. Water to cement ratio is another key factor in the production of concrete. Low water to cement ratio is needed for strong cement. Cement requires water to be workable for poring, which reduces the strength. Having a perfect balance so that it is both strong and workable is critical when making concrete

Aggregates are inexpensive fillers that come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The aggregates range from fine particles of sand to large, coarse rocks such as gravel and stones. Concrete consist of 70-80% of aggregate material. Since aggregates make up such a large percentage of concrete, their selection is important. They should consist of particles with adequate strength. The aggregates should not contain materials that will cause deterioration of the concrete.

Concrete Removal & Replacement
When mixed properly, concrete provides excellent performance throughout the life of the structure. Caution must be taken during the curing process. Dalton Paving recommends a curing process of at least 4-7 days. The aging process begins once the concrete mix has been laid and dries. Without ongoing maintenance, water can enter through the cracks. This can result in holes forming undermining the substrate. In this case, the most effective form of concrete repair is to remove and replace the deteriorated area of concrete.

Concrete Repair & Restoration
When poorly compacted fill settles, or the sub grade freezes and thaws, these are some of the common causes for concrete slab failure. To repair this possible defect, wire mesh is used to increase tensile strength. The wire mesh stabilizes concrete by preventing cracks or joints from opening up or shifting. Water loss and shrinkage can also cause cracking in concrete. To remedy this, fibers are added to the concrete mix. These fibers help prevent cracks in the concrete.

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